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LJAbout Me
My name is Lyn Cruz. An expat in Dubai since 2005. I’ve been planning of setting-up a blog for several months now but was always held back by the thought that I am not a writer, my grammar needs polishing and my stories might not be interesting. I will just bore you to death.

But then, I thought, why should I be so concerned. This is my personal blog. I can write and share whatever I want. If by any chance you come to like what I am sharing, then good for you and me. If not, you can always close the browser and prowl the net again.

I am not a writer but loves to share my stories. This journal is all about positivity, wealth, personal finance and life in general. This blog is personal to me and to be honest I was quite undecided if I would like to share it as it shows my vulnerability and mistakes earlier.

But I realized that these mistakes made me a smarter and better version of myself. I’ve learned from them and I hope you’ll find some answers to your questions. You can always connect with me if you want to learn more. No strings attached, I am just here to listen and to help. 🙂

My mantra in life: Live The Life You Have Imagined!


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