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Starting Your Business While Being Full-Time Employed

Starting Your Business While Being Full-Time Employed

I have this aspiration of resigning from my job and starting my own business. This has been my dream since I became a mother. My husband can support us but since I am earning almost the same salary as him, there is always a feeling of regret whenever I think of giving up my job. (more…)

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This is it!

Update: I am live and kicking! Please visit my shop:

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This is it! After more than a year of conceptualizing, looking for suppliers, procrastinating, frustration, excitement… it’s finally going to happen. I am now going online! (more…)

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Stop Procrastinating!


Ahh, I am procrastinating and I need inspiration. I’m supposed to launch my jewellery business in March but because of several personal and professional issues, it has been delayed. There are still some lose ends I need to tie, some write-up that needs to polish, and several small things here and there. But last night I realized that I can never be 100% ready. I always find things to do and that causes more delay so I decided I will launch it by mid of May, by hook or by crook. It doesn’t matter what stage I am that time but I will just open my social media pages to the public and start my advertising plan. One thing I just have to ensure is that my photos are great. Since I don’t have a brick and mortal store I have to make sure that my clients can see the finery and beauty of my jewellery pieces. (more…)

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom?


2014 is my awakening year.

The company where I worked for had undergone a major organizational change and I was moved to a new department which is very process oriented and I didn’t enjoy the job anymore. This new position causes so much stress that it made me cry on several instances.


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