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Need help!

I need help! My husband and I together with our kids will be travelling to Rome for the first time next week. With all the things that happened with my passport and u nexpected travel to the Philippines to replace it, planning for an itinerary has not been prioritized. (more…)

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Real talk!

Post edit: I am still receiving questions about their damaged passport dilemma. As I don’t often check this blog anymore, please drop your questions to this blog post instead so I can reply immediately. This is my new blog Have a good day!

So, let’s have some real talk. You might think that my life is oh so rosy, full of energy and positivity. But reality is, just like everyone else, I have moments of doubts, fears and mishaps! (more…)

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Living the life you have imagined!

An ideal life for me is waking up in the morning without an alarm, prepare breakfast for the hubby and kids, drop kids to school, tend to my business, run some errands, pick up the kids, enjoy the afternoon together, have early dinner and just cuddle in bed until it’s time to sleep. (more…)

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