How to Become a Millionaire, Realistically!

How to become a millionaire? Realistically!

Fact: not everyone will become a millionaire.

But I believe that you can be one if you have the desire and you take the required action. The fact that you’re reading this is a proof that you are interested. Interest will lead to desire that will lead to action. Combine desire and action and you will, for sure, reach your goal however outrageous others see it.

Note: I am sharing this story not to brag but to inspire. One of my money blocks was talking about money. Earlier, discussion about money is too uncomfortable and I’m afraid I will come across as greedy and boastful. As much as I want to talk to family and friends about law of attraction, saving before spending, creating an emergency fund, investing, etc., I am too afraid to be told I’m too “know it all”.

I realized that being rich is not really for everyone. Most people are close-minded on their money beliefs. Although they talk about their desire of being rich but their thoughts, words and actions say otherwise. To become rich, you have to remove negativity associated with acquiring wealth. How can you be wealthy if whenever someone tells you you’re rich, you will dismiss and say “No, I’m not rich. I just have enough” afraid that you will be judged as cocky if you don’t deny it. If you find yourself uneasy being called rich, I suggest read my post Success is Not as Sin. Being Rich is Not Wrong

Have you realized that whenever people say your rich or wealthy or lucky that it is because of the aura you are exuding? You are attracting what you want to attract and it radiates in you. However, rejecting the affirmations given to you by others backfires on you. Be careful. Besides, if people thinks of you negatively just because you are open about money, it is not your fault. Jealousy is dangerous. Instead, we should be inspired by other people’s determination.

Looking back, how I wish I started early. If only I have done what I am currently doing now, I could have reach my goal faster. But then again, it’s never too late. You still have a lot of years ahead of you. You must act now.

  1. As I have mentioned, first step is to have that desire in you. Assess yourself. Do you just want to be secure and comfortable or rich? If you want a secured and comfortable life then being rich might make you uncomfortable. Being rich means taking risk. Being secure is having a stable job or profession and comfortable with low-risk investments. To become extremely rich means getting out of your comfort zone. If it makes your heart beats faster and you loses sleep thinking over it, then it’s a good sign as you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and stretching yourself. Don’t aim to be just average. These are the mindsets of wealthy people.

Millionaire – this was my goal when I was starting and that time I only want in Philippine Peso. During those non-abundance years of my life, I would think this is impossible. But maybe due to the belief and actions that I have taken, I was able to achieve it. I have now set a new higher goal for myself.

If you are living in a country that has a high currency value, I suggest try to convert your savings and investments in a low-currency value. Although your mind might refuse the idea at first and say it’s illogical, just do it! And imagine how it feels to have lots of money. Let the desire excites you. The vibration you emits will attract what you desire.

  1. Increase your income. Now you say, How is that possible? I am also wondering before but one thing I’ve learned is your desire will lead you to your goal. Believe that it is possible and circumstances will change that will allow you to increase your income. I am just a regular employee. But my salary keeps on increasing every year. Either I am being promoted to a new job or I am moved to a new company with a higher package. Maybe I have the skill but I always attribute it to my desire to earn more. I want to have lots of money so I am attracting it.

Higher salary allows me to increase my savings. These savings are used to invest. Would I be able to invest if I got stuck with my first job? Maybe yes, but the journey will take longer and I won’t get rich since I am already comfortable with my current state. Moving from one job to another, especially moving to a new company, is one hell of a scary ride. Doubts will crawl-in and makes you very uncertain. But we all know what will happen if we don’t take risks right?

  1. Save to invest. Again, people would rather shove their money to bank accounts or time deposits because it is safe and low-risk. But have you realized how much of it is eaten by inflation? Once you save a substantial amount, start thinking how you can invest it. Real estate, stocks, business. Find opportunities for your money to grow. If you really want it, the opportunity will knock at your doorsteps and just take it!
  1. Find a millionaire mentor. Most of us are born middle class or poor. Our parents came from the same class. Most of the time our friends are of the same group. Although we can learn by experience, it would be beneficial if we can talk to someone who have done it successfully. Learn from their mistakes and use their experiences to create your own money success. Most of successful entrepreneurs are generous of our their knowledge.
  1. Develop the habits of a millionaire
  • They expand their knowledge by reading, attending conferences, talking to business-minded people. They continuously increase their knowledge on business and personal finance. They are open to learn new things.
  • Stay productive. Avoid procrastinating. Use your time to study, look for opportunities and ways to grow. I don’t think multi-millionaires check their Facebook every hour or so. They also don’t watch those Youtube cat shows for hours.
  • Stay motivated. It’s difficult being 100% motivated everyday. There are days that you sink to the bottom and just throw the white towel and give up. But don’t. Remember your goal and why you want it in the first place.
  1. Don’t believe discouraging people. Never accept that you cannot be a millionaire. Even close family members may discourage you. They will not understand since they don’t have the desire. Don’t get mad at them instead prove them wrong — but be humble about it. Soon they will realize that you are correct without even you saying it. You can then inspire them to achieve their own goals.
  1. Learn from your mistakes. In life, nothing is perfect. You are not perfect. And we all know that our mistakes will make us a better version of ourselves. Yes, making mistakes make us feel so bad that we just want to hide under the rocks and disappear forever. We beat ourselves up and that will paralyze us to make better decisions. Forgive yourself and move-on.
Now, go and do what you need to do.
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