Is it goodbye?

Hello! I know I haven’t posted anything for the longest time and to be honest I am contemplating of not continuing with this blog. With a full-time job, mommy duties and commuting, my day is already jam-packed. I try to squeeze in blogging in between but my physical and mental capacity can only write at least once a week (if I’m lucky). I might have told you that I have another blog called Filipina Expat where I talk about anything under the sun except the things I write here in You Deserve It. I would like to think that the other blog reflects the jolly, cheerful version of myself and You Deserve It is showing my serious, contemplative side.


I totally love writing for You Deserve It because I can share what I know about saving and paying-off debts based on what I experienced. In a way, I feel that I can inspire fellow Filipinos abroad that it’s not the end of the world and through determination and positivity – we can reach our goals. But as I said, I am being stretched with my time aside from the fact that blogging costs money too. I have to maintain two domains and although it’s not too expensive but still I’m paying for both separately.


And to be extremely honest with myself, I don’t think this blog has any follower. Sure, there might be 1 or 2 readers who stumble on this page and might read but to constantly check out for new content? Nah! I don’t think so. And the only comments I’m receiving are all spam! I am not 100% sure yet but in case this blog disappear from the world wide web, you can still follow my adventures in my other blog, Filipina Expat.


Whatever happens to this blog, I hope you will continue to achieve your goal. Always be positive and grateful. Always believe that you can do it because your achievement is limited only with what your mind can achieve. Let’s keep in touch, ok?! xoxo


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