My new blog: Filipina Expat

My new blog: Filipina Expat

No, I haven’t forgotten you guys. I’m still alive. It’s just that a lot of things are happening lately and 24 hours is just not enough to complete all my tasks.

Just to let you know, I’ve started a lifestyle blog, Filipina Expat, which is leaning towards the Filipino community in UAE. What?!? A lifestyle blog? Aren’t you promoting frugality and living within your means and how to get out of debt? What’s with the lifestyle blog?

These are exactly my thoughts when I was thinking of Filipina Expat. But I have a reason, hear me out! As you know, because of wrong spending choices and lack of personal finance knowledge, my first few years in Dubai were filled of credit card debts. Just like most expats in this country who got higher salary compared back home, unmindful spending became my habit. Before I knew it, my debt just grew to an accumulated amount which I am not comfortable anymore.

It’s a good thing that I snapped out of my bad habit sooner and became more conscious on spending as well as I’ve started saving for the future. I would like to believe that it’s my will and determination, as well as belief that I can manage my debt that made me achieve all these. You also know how I strongly believe in Law of Attraction and how our mind and words can make or break our dreams. I have always been a positive person and practice gratitude and positivity in my everyday life.

The main reason why I created You Deserve It was because of my goal to inspire others that it’s possible for everyone to get out of debt, be able to save, invest and basically do something that you really enjoy. You don’t need to have a degree or be a celebrity to achieve all these. I am just a simple Filipina Expat in Dubai, who comes from a middle-income family, who’s not really brainy but who happens to have big dreams. I guess my dreams brought me to where I am now. And I am still continuously dreaming and taking action to achieve my goals. I created You Deserve It because I want you, my dear readers, to believe that nothing is too far-fetched. Abundance is within your reach. Just believe.

I might have mentioned to you a few times that one of my dreams is to be a stay-at-home mom. Currently, I am working full time as an HR Professional and as much as I’m enjoying it, I want to experience being a SAHM instead. My husband has been very supportive of this decision but it’s me who’s having doubts if we can really manage it financially. Dubai is an expensive city and although hubby is earning well, I can’t dismiss that my salary augments the lifestyle we are having now. It’s a scary jump shifting from two-income household to just one.

So while thinking of how I can be financially independent, I stumbled upon the idea of creating passive income. Passive Income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It sounds very interesting. Can you imagine not going to office yet earning money from somewhere? So I researched more about the topic and tried to get ideas on how I can generate this passive income. Several things came to my attention like having a rental property, vending machines/game machines, resell online products and services, and so on.

Nowadays, passive income stream and opportunities comes from creating new technology like building an app, building an e-commerce, creating websites, etc. Some involves writing like creating an e-book or starting a blog. This new technology and writing stuff didn’t interest me at all. I don’t consider myself techy enough and definitely not a writer to consider writing an e-book or blog. So it came as a surprise that I am blogging now and not just for 1 site but for 2! I think because I’m so focused on finding ways to generate passive income and it is on my consciousness every single day, I’ve attracted it and it manifested through blogging. And no, I’m not earning YET from my blogs but that is my goal. If I work smart enough and be consistent on providing quality and interesting topics to my readers, I can start monetizing from it.

So, You Deserve It is not only about saving and paying-off debt. It’s also about achieving your dream by believing, taking action and claiming that it’s already yours. And my other blog, Filipina Expat, is a testament that God works in mysterious ways. He will lead you to greater things by just believing. Abundance is not only for lucky few; it is for everyone.

Go and check out my other blog. I’m currently running a thank you giveaway and you might be interested to join. Although I’m only offering it to UAE residents for now.

Have an abundant day everyone!


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