My thoughts…

* I keep telling myself and other people that I’m not stressed at work. And I’ve noticed that it’s really happening. How amazing how circumstances change because of what you say and think.

* I’m really contemplating of working from home. I am now vocal of saying that I want it to happen January next year.

* I’ve postponed the launch of my business. I realized that I want more customization of the packaging. And I want more inventory stock so it will be postponed for another month. I know! I know! I have to stop these delays.

* I don’t like to spend nowadays. We spent so much last month and I am feeling guilty.

* What if I turn into a vegetarian? This thought crossed my mind this afternoon but minutes later I was craving for steak and ribs. Fail!

Hope you’re having a fab day peeps! Stay positive!

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This is it!

Update: I am live and kicking! Please visit my shop:

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This is it! After more than a year of conceptualizing, looking for suppliers, procrastinating, frustration, excitement… it’s finally going to happen. I am now going online! (more…)

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How To Save?


How to save?

The question might be so easy and we can come up with hundred of answers but in reality it is easier said than done. I came to Dubai 10 years ago and someone would think that I may have saved a fortune considering the number of years I’ve been into this country. But honestly, me and my husband had only started saving probably 4 years ago and had been saving almost 40% of our combined total income recently. We can save more but we want to be realistic and allocate some amount for shopping/dining out and emergency expenses. Balance baby. (more…)

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Stop Procrastinating!


Ahh, I am procrastinating and I need inspiration. I’m supposed to launch my jewellery business in March but because of several personal and professional issues, it has been delayed. There are still some lose ends I need to tie, some write-up that needs to polish, and several small things here and there. But last night I realized that I can never be 100% ready. I always find things to do and that causes more delay so I decided I will launch it by mid of May, by hook or by crook. It doesn’t matter what stage I am that time but I will just open my social media pages to the public and start my advertising plan. One thing I just have to ensure is that my photos are great. Since I don’t have a brick and mortal store I have to make sure that my clients can see the finery and beauty of my jewellery pieces. (more…)

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Need help!

I need help! My husband and I together with our kids will be travelling to Rome for the first time next week. With all the things that happened with my passport and u nexpected travel to the Philippines to replace it, planning for an itinerary has not been prioritized. (more…)

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“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow”

To be honest, I am feeling blue lately. With what happened to my passport, my flight to the Philippines, the renewal process and how I can re-apply for my Italian visa. It is quite exhausting and I have thoughts that this is a sign that I need to give up. (more…)

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Real talk!

Post edit: I am still receiving questions about their damaged passport dilemma. As I don’t often check this blog anymore, please drop your questions to this blog post instead so I can reply immediately. This is my new blog Have a good day!

So, let’s have some real talk. You might think that my life is oh so rosy, full of energy and positivity. But reality is, just like everyone else, I have moments of doubts, fears and mishaps! (more…)

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