How To Achieve Your Goal?



We always aspire to be better. Either we want to build our own business, lose weight, buy our dream house, finish university in flying colors, and the list goes on.

It is normal and absolutely fine to dream. Improving oneself should be something everyone should do. But dreaming is not enough to achieve your goal. As I keep on mentioning, action is required.

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom?


2014 is my awakening year.

The company where I worked for had undergone a major organizational change and I was moved to a new department which is very process oriented and I didn’t enjoy the job anymore. This new position causes so much stress that it made me cry on several instances.


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Welcoming life changes positively!

I just read that 2015 will be a year of breakthrough for me. And I am very optimistic. I am welcoming the year of the sheep with open arms!

Monkey I’ve just resigned from my job a few days ago. It’s a big deal since I have been with this company for more than 6 years. But the company grows into something that I am not comfortable anymore. I now belong to a bigger team, more personalities to deal with, different work styles to get used to and I am not happy. (more…)

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Living the life you have imagined!

An ideal life for me is waking up in the morning without an alarm, prepare breakfast for the hubby and kids, drop kids to school, tend to my business, run some errands, pick up the kids, enjoy the afternoon together, have early dinner and just cuddle in bed until it’s time to sleep. (more…)

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Law of Attraction


Late last year, while jumping from one blog to another, I chance upon the story of Denise of She was talking about the Law of Attraction and how you can use it in your favour. She also mentioned the book called The Secret. The idea intrigued me so I bought the book.  (more…)

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My First Blog Post!

My first blog post!

Finally! I’ve been planning of setting-up a blog for several months now but was always held back by the thought that I am not a writer, my grammar needs polishing and my stories might not be interesting. I will just bore you to death.
But then, I thought, why should I be so concerned. This is my personal blog. I can write and share whatever I want. If by any chance you come to like what I am sharing, then good for you and me. If not, you can always close the browser and prowl the net again.
I will be sharing stories of my children Cole and Biel, my husband G, our travel and food adventures and my jewellery business. I’ve started practicing the law of attraction on my advantage so you will definitely read stories about positivity, gratefulness and empowerment.
Remember, you stumble into this blog for a reason so I hope you can find what you are searching for 🙂

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