Positivity and Action

Positivity and Action

I received a call this afternoon from an acquaintance. She shares that she’s able to read most of my posts and can relate to most of the things especially the debt part. She shared that she has read many financial advice and stories but first time to read from a fellow Filipino.

Wow! It made my heart swell to know that there are actually people reading my blog aside from my family ☺. And to hear that they can relate to my posts gives me a confirmation that my honesty is helping others. I was really hesitant initially to share my money issues. It’s like telling everyone of your dirty little secret right? But one of my goals this year is to inspire others. I really don’t know how to achieve it that time but I thought if I can tell one person how positivity can change their life just as how it changed mine, then I’ve done my part.

I’m not trying to be goody goody here and be awarded the Mother Teresa achievement award. I’m also not saying I can afford anything I want now. No. We are still on a budget. We try to curt our expenses when we think we’re going overboard and we are still continuously saving. I am working on having a source of passive income so I don’t need to be employed. I think I’ve said it many times that my goal is to work from home and not be forced to come to office to earn a living.

In tackling your debt, I will advise you two things.

First is to believe that it’s possible to eradicate your credit card debts and loans. As long as you have a source of income, you have the desire and you are taking action, I am 101% sure you can achieve it.

Sure you made mistakes (who doesn’t?), you bought things mindlessly, you had a difficult life that forced you to spent beyond your means. But that was the past. You are now here on this situation and instead of wallowing with fear or sadness, face it head on.

Even when I was in the middle of my financial issues, never that I thought it will be my life forever. It helped that I have always been a positive person. I knew that my issue can be resolved by my faith and my actions.

I want you do to these things. Get a nice new notebook and write down what you want. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t think that it’s impossible. It might be paying off your credit card debts in 1 year. Finishing your mortgage in 5 years. Saving X amount of money in 2 years. Travelling to Paris in 2016. Whatever your heart desires, just write it down. Put a date so you can later come back to your list and get amazed on how things have changed since you wrote it down.

Now, read your first goal, close your eyes and imagine how it feels to have your dream being a reality. Can you imagine not having to pay any credit cards bills every month? How much money can you save for your future home? Your kid’s college tuition? Your dream vacation. Just imagine receiving your salary and it stays in your account as long as you want since you don’t have any loans and cards to settle. Let that excitement flows in your body. It might seem weird at first. You may think you’re just fooling yourself. But remove that negative thought. Remember: All thoughts and spoken words become reality if we keep on repeating it. Better to imagine positive things than focus on negativity.

Practice day dreaming. It’s not only for kids. And it’s a good exercise to practice positivity. Again, just believe that it’s possible and then only it will become possible.

My second advise is for you to take action. Being positive is one thing, but taking action to achieve your goal is another. I had written several practical tips earlier on how to save, build an emergency fund and pay-off all your debts.

Maybe you’ll think that my situation before was different from yours and your circumstances now might be difficult for you to eliminate your debt easily. REMOVE THAT THOUGHT. NOW. Because it’s not true. Again, your thought becomes your reality. If you keep on thinking that it’s not possible for you then it really won’t be possible.

Do you want to connect with me? I can give some words of encouragement and some practical tips on how to do things. Sometimes, it helps to talk to someone who had experienced the same thing, who can understand and won’t judge for the mistakes that we did. I also know that not everyone wants to leave a comment for everyone to see. Drop me a mail and I’ll try to listen and help. It’s talag(underscore)cruz(at)yahoo(dot)com. I hate spam message so I have to spell out the special characters. For sure you’ll figure it out. 🙂 

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